Kulturplakatierung Berlin GmbH

Kulturplakatierung Berlin GmbH

For over 40 years, Kulturplakatierung Berlin GmbH (literally: Billposting Berlin Ltd) has been the right partner for those who want to advertise culture and events in Berlin. That is because this agency for promotion and advertisement pursues the objective of giving utmost perceptibility to cultural events and lifestyle products in Berlin by means of promotional posters, flyer distributions, guerrilla-marketing events and targeted promotion campaigns, and thereby assuring their success. The renowned client base of Kulturplakatierung Berlin includes national and international productions in the cultural sector as well as trendy products by brands like Apple, Nike or Sony.

Kulturplakatierung Mitteldeutschland

KPM Kulturplakatierung Mitteldeutschland

KPM Kulturplakatierung Mitteldeutschland (literally: Culture Postings Central Germany), based in Leipzig, offers cultural sector billposting in highly frequented and attention grabbing locations. The high-grade rental spaces allow for the posting of all standard formats like A1, A0, 4/1tel, 8/1tel, and city banners. Since 2017, KPM thereby guarantees maximum spread for their cultural organizers’ and business customers’ campaigns in the entire Leipzig city area as well as in Chemnitz, Dresden, Halle, and Magdeburg.

Mihai. Werbeproduktionen & Service GmbH

Mihai. Werbeproduktionen & Service GmbH

WPS, short for the company´s full name Mihai. Werbeproduktionen & Service GmbH, conceives and produces advertisement projects at the highest level for its renowned customers. CEO and award-winner Søren Gessat is well known in the German advertising industry for his extensive expertise due to his previous function as a production manager with Germany´s top advertisement agencies “Shanghai, Berlin” and “Scholz & Friends Berlin”. Therefore, WPS knows no limits when it comes to creating impressive print and advertisement products and has prestigious references in the domain of sign making and advertising techniques.

Mihai. Media Invest GmbH

Mihai. media invest GmbH

Mihai. media invest GmbH was founded in 1993 and is an enterprise with long-term stake holdings in several business companies. Mihai. media invest GmbH mostly offers financing and consulting within the context of the respective strategic holdings in various divisions or business domains.

Restaurant Freischwimmer

Der Freischwimmer

The restaurant “Der Freischwimmer” (literally: a certified swimmer) has been one of Berlin’s outstanding locations for some twenty years. Situated on a jetty right on the river Spree, “Der Freischwimmer” is the place to be for a cosy time out from Berlin’s hustle and bustle and to enjoy a variety of culinary delicacies or a romantic candle light dinner including an exquisite three-course menu. Be it the chimney lounge, the boat house, the terrace or the whole restaurant – “Der Freischwimmer” can also be booked partly or as a whole for private occasions, offering a unique riverside setting for your event.